Muji collaborates to launch an electric vehicle model with a mainly brown-green color, made from environmentally friendly recycled plastic

Recently, retail brand MUJI has collaborated with Gogoro, an electric vehicle company from Taiwan, to introduce two minimalist and environmentally friendly electric vehicle models.

Specifically, the company has introduced two Gogoro electric vehicle models, the Gogoro VIVA ME and Gogoro VIVA MIX ME, with two main colors being brown and light green. The vehicle bodies are made from recyclable polypropylene (PP) plastic material. Both brands have collected PP plastic items, processed them through recycling procedures, and used them to create the vehicle bodies of the two Gogoro electric models.

Regarding the collaboration project with Gogoro, Mr. Naoto Fukasawa, a member of MUJI’s Advisory Board, shared: “The most important thing in design is to always prioritize integrity towards people, the environment, and life. Both Gogoro and MUJI are well-known brands. This campaign is not just a simple addition. Instead, one plus one will create a greater value.”

Source: Advertising Vietnam