Unlocking new growth opportunities based on green solutions

  • Approaching businesses and teams that have innovative green products and solutions, potential for business partnerships; expanding business fields and industries with based-green and sustainability.

Accessing to multi-dimensional innovation

  • Technology and solutions: Connecting partners with startups & technology teams with innovative solutions and ideas resolving practical business problems today.
  • Internal human resources:  Strengthening internal innovation capabilities through sharing activities, networking, training, and programs to build a innovative mindset for high and middle level leaders.

Positioning as a Green Brand within the financial market and public

  • With long-term and in-dept networking, sharings, and activities that involve frequent engagement with the innovative business community, the program helps Partners build A NEW POWERFUL BRAND, A PIONEER IN THE GREEN INNOVATION ECOSYSTEM.
  • Building tailored programs, leverage innovation activities as a key driver of the business growth for Partners.

Participating in program activities

  • Collaborating with the Organizing Team to build the concept and core activities for the Green Innovation, creating direct and long-term value for both sides.
  • Participating in a series of workshops, conferences, and innovation trips.
  • Participating in C-level networking activities, hosting company visits based on the program’s network.