Green Innovation Fellowship

An annual non-profit program to discover, encourage and support green solutions & technologies, promote sustainable development.

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Eligible Criteria

Expanded to all 5 continents, no limit in ages, geographies, development phases.


Unlocking new growth opportunities based on green solutions, accessing to multi-dimensional innovation, positioning as a Green Brand within the financial market & public.

Green Summit & Tech Showcase

Green Summit and a solutions Showcase with the theme of ESG and green innovation.

Sectors & Areas

The program focuses on sectors & areas which are related to sustainability and solutions.


  • Co-organized by IBP & AWS, Top 10 will visit and learn directly from companies, startups, and R&D teams that are implementing and executing green innovation in Singapore.
  • Connect with investors, investment funds interested in green innovation.

Green Innovation Fellowship

Deadline: May 31st 2023



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What are the Selection Criteria of Green Innovation Fellowship?
  1. Technology: Priority to startups/teams/CNC enterprises that own core technology, have high levels of technological innovation, solutions or outcomes.
  2. Product: Already launched in the market, or has a prototype, has a competitive advantage, and initial traction (including actual customers or potential customers).
  3. Team: Has execution capability, relevant skills, complementary skills, expertise and market knowledge.
  4. Market: Market potential and size, market dynamism and maturity level.
  5. Alignment with program: Operating in the priority industries of the program, and aiming to connect with corporations and companies interested in ESG and green innovation.
Who can participate in Green Innovation Fellowship?
  1. Startups, R&D teams, individuals, or businesses with technology solutions and “green” products in real estate, construction, interior design, and architecture. Priority to applicants that owns core technologies.
  2. Startups, projects, and businesses that have products launched in the market or at least are working on MVP. Priority to businesses generating revenue.
  3. Startups in the pre-seed or seed stage.
  4. The program is open to all Vietnamese and international startups. International startups and teams are required to have business certificates in Vietnam.
If I am not in the Top 5 of the Green Innovation Fellowship program, can I apply for the Singapore Green Innovation Trip?
Yes. Please contact the organizers for more information.