Cocovie – Elevating the Organic Value from the Coconut Ecosystem

This startup explores the tremendous values of Vietnamese coconuts, with a mission to enhance the product value within the COCONUT ECOSYSTEM through a waste-free supply chain from farms to consumers. The main products include Coconut Oil for Skin Nourishment, Exfoliating Soap, and Premium Coconut Oil for Cooking.

Cocovie ensures biodiversity in coconut farms, increasing income for farmers by supporting the cultivation of other high-value crops. Cocovie strives to “preserve coconuts” in the Mekong Delta, helping to preserve water sources and soil fertility, while minimizing flood risks.

Since its inception, Cocovie has consumed raw materials from over 1,000 hectares of coconut farms, absorbing approximately 75,000 tons of CO2. It creates social impact by generating employment for 4,000 farming households, including 200 households engaged in coconut harvesting and processing, as well as collaborating with over 200 food producers, livestock feed manufacturers, cosmetics producers, 1,000 traditional stores, distributors, and agents. It provides carbon-neutral products, and ‘green’ products to over 200,000 households and consumers.

Founded by: Ms. Thuy Hoang