Galy collaborates with Suzuran using artificial cotton

Galy applies tissue engineering technology to produce synthetic cotton in a laboratory setting. Under a 10-year collaboration agreement worth $50 million, the startup will supply Suzuran with 33,000 tons of cotton fibers annually.

“This is the first type of fabric created in a laboratory for use in various market products worldwide,” said Luciano Bueno, founder and CEO of Galy.

According to Yasuhiro Kunieda, the company’s chairman, Suzuran will use the fabric developed by Galy using tissue engineering technology, instead of traditional cotton, in products such as cosmetic puffs, bed sheets, as well as medical items like gauze and absorbent cotton.

Suzuran partnered with Galy in 2021, after the startup completed the evaluation of cotton fiber quality through testing phases. In 2019, Galy was established as a startup focused on developing plant varieties using tissue engineering technology in a laboratory setting.

To create the fabric, Galy’s team collects plant samples to extract tissue cells. The cells are then cultured in bioreactors or fermentation vessels, following a process similar to beer production. Galy states that the final product is dried before harvesting. This process requires less energy, land, and water.