SM Bike’s ‘electric motorbike taxi’ to be launched in August – Is it enough to stir up the billion-dollar technology car calling village with Grab, Be?

Since the appearance of leaked information, the SM Bike Green technology motorbike taxi service of Green and Smart Moving Joint Stock Company (GSM) has created a huge fever in forums and user communities. and driver.

Recently, the CEO of GSM company – Nguyen Van Thanh shared about this potential recruit on his page.

According to the young CEO, the field of ride-hailing technology is no longer strange to modern life, the scale of this field in Vietnam is currently estimated at 3 billion USD in 2022 and up to 5 billion USD in 2025. The compound growth rate is 21%.

So calling technology cars with electric motorbikes is a Game Changer (game changer) or not? It can be seen that, regardless of an old profession, there is a need for change. A game changer is something new that changes traditional processes or concepts and thereby alters the established order. Electric cars are essential to make this happen, the CEO said.

The fact that major applications in the world such as Grab, Uber, Gojek, Kakao Mobility, Didi, and Ola have begun to transform with their projects for electric vehicles as well as have a roadmap for this shift is proof. for the above answer.

It can be seen that having more electric motorbikes on the platform will help Xanh SM become the first platform in the world that is 100% pure electric with services from motorbike taxi, delivery, rental, and taxi. This is a huge advantage because Blue SM has started everything from scratch and homogenizes quality from service to facilities instead of shifting.

CEO Nguyen Van Thanh hopes the birth of this rookie will promote the green revolution for traffic that is about to creep into each street and street from urban to rural in the near future.

Source: Cafef. vn