Recently, the “German sports giant” Puma launched the “Voices of a Re:Generation” project – a program designed to listen to the honest opinions of Gen Z on sustainable products, while committing to make sustainability more accessible and transparent. 

According to Vogue Business, Puma has collaborated and “empowered” the voices of four Gen Z ambassadors representing Puma’s four main retail markets: Andrew Burgess, Alice Aedy, Luke Jaque-Rodney, and Jade Roche. This strategy is highly regarded by many experts: Puma’s success will depend on the ability of these four influential figures to drive long-term change.

Puma affirms that “Voices of a Re:Generation” will be a continuation of the brand’s long-term strategy, as the environment is an important issue for young consumers. According to Business of Fashion, Puma is rated as the most sustainable brand in the fashion industry in 2022. To achieve this success, Puma has shifted to using 100% renewable energy, electric cars instead of gasoline, while increasing the use of sustainable materials and increasing productivity in its factories.

Source: Vneconomy.vn